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My Female Role Models

I am very lucky in the fact that I have many women in my life that can act as incredible role models to me. I also have those in the limelight, those that we see in the news and can look up to and respect. I should point out at this moment that I do have male role models too, but as this is a Girl Power post I’ll leave them for the moment and talk about them another time.

 In my own personal life, I am very fortunate to have an incredible array of strong women to surround me. My mother is incredible and has been through so much, after overcoming a stroke a few years back she is truly inspiring and I really can’t express this enough. She’s taught me right from wrong and given me the ambition and drive to achieve in life. She’s given me the ability to laugh at myself and to never take life too seriously. She’s a strong woman that isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and it’s her I credit with making me the strong person I am today. I wrote about her more in my Mother’s Day post!

My mother’s friends also act as role models to me. Seeing what they have achieved in their lives and their attitude to life is so amazing and they too have been a huge influence on me growing up. I think it’s the fact that I always hear my parents laughing with their friends. A happy life is one to look up to.
My sister is a role model to me, despite the fact that she is two years younger. I always hear of people talking about those older than them when selecting role models, but why? My sister is an incredible woman and I would have loved to have her incredible sense of self when I was her age. She is so ambitious and works so hard at everything she puts her mind too. I hope she continues this way and I will always look up to her, especially due to the fact that she’s a good few inches taller than me!
I look up to my Omi (German for Grandma for those that don’t know). I know she’ll be reading this too as she is so supportive of everything I write. I love receiving emails with her view on every one of my posts, she’s so involved it’s great. Omi is my role model because she has achieved so much. Her stories and achievements are brilliant and her no-nonsense attitude is something to admire. She’s always gone after what she wanted and is so knowledgeable. She is definitely a role model in my eyes.
Now on a universal aspect, I have several role models in the public eye.
  • Emma Watson I think this one is pretty self-explanatory when it comes to why I admire her. She completely changed my entire perspective on feminism and after watching her He for She speech at the UN I was totally committed to joining her campaign. She has achieved so much and represents so much of what I want to try and achieve through this blog. She is a role model to so many people and so she should be for all she stands for and as achieved.
  • Gloria Steinem I recently read Gloria’s book as part of Emma Watson’s feminist book club (you can check out my review here). Having read about so many incredible things Steinem has done through her life I don’t know how I couldn’t look up to her. She has done so much for so many people and to me that is inspiring.
  • Kesha Now this is a recent addition to my list in reflection of the recent events surrounding Kesha. She is a role model because she has stood up for herself and all those victims that weren’t believed. She is a role model because of her strength in the face of adversity. I always enjoyed her music so was heartbroken to hear of the recent court rulings. I will stand by Kesha not just whilst the media storm is brewing, but until she receives justice, as only then is she really free.
  • Adele She has the voice of an angel and a heart of gold. She is, if I ever in a very bizarre case were to become famous, how I would like to be. She is unapologetic for how she is and refuses to change to fit expectations. She put her career on hold to be a mother which is something so admirable, especially with the success she was having. I expect the demand for her to carry on would have been huge but she was strong enough to say no and to be a mother for her child. Her come back to music is incredible and she truly is, in my eyes, a national treasure.
  • Tyra Banks  Now my sister and I are absolutely obsessed with America’s Next Top Model and why Tyra makes it onto my list is because of how she is on the program. She calls plus size models “fiercely real” and I love that she turns a term that has so many negative connotations into something inspiring and representative. She doesn’t tolerate those models that are unhealthy with their image because she knows the impact they can have in the media. She stays true to herself and is absolutely incredible at it!
So these are the women that inspire me. They are the women I look up to. I call on you to think about the women in your life that inspire you to achieve great things.

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