The Power Of Empowerment!

What does it mean to be empowered? Do you feel it? Do you live your life wanting to feel it? Empowerment is becoming such a key aspect of my life, so I wanted to share with you a little bit more about it.

8 Blogs You Need To Be Reading…Now!

In case you haven’t already noticed but I’ve been in a slump. Hopefully, things are looking up again blog wise and these posts are going to be flowing from my brain! In case you missed in my last post, I’m now only going to be posting once a week on a Wednesday! Something that really helped me out of my slump was reading other blogs! So I thought I would give you 8 blogs I have absolutely fallen in love with and you absolutely must read!

How To De-Stress

Recently I’ve been feeling a little stressed, hence the blogging break. I’m so busy with all my work, building a business and finally having my boyfriend back from Borneo! I’ve had to take some ‘chill-time’ to get myself feeling back to my usual happy chilled self!

I’ve Officially Launched My Business!

Now I’m going to try and tone down on the Arbonne posts because that isn’t what my blog is about. However, I’m now officially a #GirlBoss in the making, so I thought I’d talk more about the female empowerment aspect of it rather than the beauty side!

I’m In A Blogging Slump: Send Help!

Time for a personal one. My life is so busy at the moment and I love it! I love it because being busy means my brain is always buzzing. Some of you may have seen on my Twitter or other social media that my boyfriend has gone away for a month to Borneo to do some conservations work, and I’m missing him like crazy. Staying busy means that missing him doesn’t get me down so much, so I like it!

How To Make A Vision Board To Inspire You To Achieve Your Dreams!

I am really on a mission to make everyone achieve their best selves and I think a vision board is such a great way to reach this goal! Vision boards are about creating that one space that is yours to dream and set goals! So I’m making one and thought it would be a great way to create a ‘How To’ so you can reach your dreams too!

If You Have Netflix, Watch This Now!

I love Netflix. Orange is the New Black, Gossip Girl, Jane the Virgin, if its trashy TV I’ve probably seen it! BUT, and this is a big but, not all of Netflix is your addictive rubbish TV; theres a film on there that has literally changed the way I look at life and it’s really worth a watch!

I’m Writing A Gratitude Journal, And Here’s Why!

I’ve decided to write a gratitude journal. For those that have no idea what this is, I will explain! I’m also going to give you lovelies a little insight in to why I’ve decided to make this addition to my life and why I think you should give it a try too! Gratitude journals are a great way of adding some positivity into your life!

The Law Of Attraction

Ooh what’s this you may ask! The Law of Attraction? Hmm… Some super awesome law that helps you find your perfect partner? The perfect way to be attractive? Something to do with magnets? Nope! This is about how you can get what you want by believing in it!

Are You Body Positive This Summer?

Now I know the weather isn’t the best but it is still technically summer, so the question all over the media is “Are you bikini ready?” I say hell yeah! And here’s why everyone of all sizes, races and genders should be body positive this summer!