The Empowerment Era Begins…

I’ve decided I want to take this blog in a new direction. To be honest, it’s kind of been moving this way for a long time, so I want to make this change more definite. The Printed Parade since day one has been a blog about all things feminism, body positivity and a place for me to discuss my life. This will always be it’s roots, but I think it’s time for an update! So I say welcome to The Empowerment Era!

I’m Not A Huge Fan Of Alcohol, Here’s Why…

Now I should first clarify that by ‘drink’ I mean alcohol. And secondly, I’m talking about how I don’t drink excessively or often. I will occasionally have a couple of glasses of wine or a few cocktails with the girls, but I won’t drink to get drunk. I’m not a fan of shots and drinking games or “downing a pint”. And that’s okay. Just like getting drunk is too.

Why I’m Obsessed With The Miracle Morning

Have you read The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod?

If you haven’t you should, and if you have, have you implemented it into your life? Because if you haven’t you should! To say The Miracle Morning changed my life is an understatement. You may be thinking, “oh that’s a tad dramatic”, but if you haven’t read it you can’t comment!

EVERYTHING You Need To Know For Your First Year At University!

One year down, two to go! I honestly can’t wait to get back  to Cardiff and to see all my friends and to have so many incredible experiences! I learnt so much in my first year at university from what kitchen utensils you really don’t need despite what your mother may say, to the importance of knowing the library like the back of your hand! I thought I’d do a little fact file/top tips list of everything to help you pass your first year at university, whilst still enjoying it!

Once Upon A Gatsby Night…

Oops! A bit late! I need to get my act together so sorry! I know exactly what I want to write, just been far too all over the place to actually do it! So last week I went away to Birmingham for a few days for a work conference and well, it didn’t feel like work! If the motivational speakers doesn’t sound like fun to you, The Great Gatsby Party sure will!

Now before some of you switch off at the mention this was an Arbonne event, I’m not going to talk products or sales! Just about the experience and personal development and empowerment I experienced!

The Power Of Empowerment!

What does it mean to be empowered? Do you feel it? Do you live your life wanting to feel it? Empowerment is becoming such a key aspect of my life, so I wanted to share with you a little bit more about it.

8 Blogs You Need To Be Reading…Now!

In case you haven’t already noticed but I’ve been in a slump. Hopefully, things are looking up again blog wise and these posts are going to be flowing from my brain! In case you missed in my last post, I’m now only going to be posting once a week on a Wednesday! Something that really helped me out of my slump was reading other blogs! So I thought I would give you 8 blogs I have absolutely fallen in love with and you absolutely must read!

How To De-Stress

Recently I’ve been feeling a little stressed, hence the blogging break. I’m so busy with all my work, building a business and finally having my boyfriend back from Borneo! I’ve had to take some ‘chill-time’ to get myself feeling back to my usual happy chilled self!

I’ve Officially Launched My Business!

Now I’m going to try and tone down on the Arbonne posts because that isn’t what my blog is about. However, I’m now officially a #GirlBoss in the making, so I thought I’d talk more about the female empowerment aspect of it rather than the beauty side!

I’m In A Blogging Slump: Send Help!

Time for a personal one. My life is so busy at the moment and I love it! I love it because being busy means my brain is always buzzing. Some of you may have seen on my Twitter or other social media that my boyfriend has gone away for a month to Borneo to do some conservations work, and I’m missing him like crazy. Staying busy means that missing him doesn’t get me down so much, so I like it!