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Look up your Indiana 2021 ILEARN and ISTEP test scores


The first standardized test scores that Indiana has released in two years show that elementary student learning suffered dramatically under COVID and the economic shutdown.

Statewide, just 28.6% of students in grades 3 through 8 scored proficient in both English and math. That proportion dropped by almost one-quarter from two years ago, the last time the state conducted standardized ILEARN tests.

But surprisingly, by one measure, high schoolers kept pace: Two years ago 37.1% of 10th graders — the only high school students who took the standardized exam — passed both the English and math portions of state tests. This spring 36.4% of 11th graders — again, the only ones in high school taking the exam — passed, only a slight decline.

Indiana rolled out ILEARN two years ago, and at the time warned that scores would be low because the test became more rigorous than previous exams and because it is computer adaptive, meaning students face progressively harder questions as they answer questions correctly.

Now educators have cautioned that scores reflect student performance hindered by inconsistent schooling, and economic and health challenges. The state also warns against comparing last spring’s results with those from two years ago, because of differing circumstances surrounding testing.

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