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I’m Writing A Gratitude Journal, And Here’s Why!


I’ve decided to write a gratitude journal. For those that have no idea what this is, I will explain! I’m also going to give you lovelies a little insight in to why I’ve decided to make this addition to my life and why I think you should give it a try too! Gratitude journals are a great way of adding some positivity into your life!

What is it?

Basically a gratitude journal is a notebook/digital place to write down all of the things you are grateful for in your life. Now this may sound simple or a little bit pointless, but, by writing down the things in your life that you are grateful for it allows your mind to be positive and to focus on what is good in your life, rather than the bad!

There are many different ways to write a gratitude journal; you can simply bullet point things or write paragraphs, it can be handwritten or typed up, you can write daily or whenever you feel like it. It’s completely down to you!

I’ve decided to have mine in a physical notebook where I will write a paragraph or so on what I am grateful for. I thought that by writing a paragraph I would really make my brain think about the good things in my life. For me, just writing a list isn’t engaging enough and wouldn’t have the desired effect on me, but everyone’s different!

Why do it?

For someone that always likes to be positive, it’s nice for me to have a physical copy of what I am positive about! I love that at the end of the day I’m able to read through all of what’s great in my life at the moment as an opportunity to reflect on the day. I think reflection is so important in moving forward and it’s the best way to learn about yourself and to feel positive every single day.

It also means that I’m not taking anything for granted. When I write in it I really think about the things I’m writing down, making sure I understand why I’m grateful for the things that I am.

I think it’s so easy for everyone in the busy world we live in to just brush over some of the things in our lives. It’s so easy to take our loved ones for granted or the fact that we have food on the table or a roof over our head. It’s a way to always stay humble and to never forget the beautiful things you have in your life and to make sure I always remember their beauty.

I know that my life is one filled with privilege; I have a family, a home, food on the table, running water and an income. All of these are things some people only dream of. My gratitude journal is about making sure I never forget what I have and to always remind me to help others where I can, who may not be so fortunate.

Why should you do it?

Simple; you should always remember and cherish your life and everything and everyone in it. This is so important because one day you might wake up and none of it be there anymore. Life is short and it can change in a second, so whilst you can, be grateful for what you have.

Not only this, but writing a gratitude journal can have huge psychological benefits. It can help you sleep better, reduce stress and blood pressure, reduce anxiety and so many other things. For me, I’m looking to make small changes in my life to help the bigger picture.

Writing a gratitude journal is something so personal and can be a place where you can seek solace. Journaling is one of the best ways to reduce stress/depression/anxiety because all of the thoughts running round like crazy in your brain are all released onto the paper. I think, even if a gratitude journal isn’t for you, try journaling of some sort. Write your inner most thoughts on a piece of paper every night and reflect and look back on them. You might notice patterns or triggers based on events in your day and the way you feel. It’s a way for you to subconsciously get to know your mind and to learn more about expressing the way you feel.

I love to journal. I guess it’s why I love my blog! It’s a way to express thoughts without feeling like you’re expressing them at all! I always have found my favourite and most successful posts are the ones I have written when I’ve been feeling stressed or anxious!

Don’t underestimate the power of writing.


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