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Democrats elect Neubauer as new Assembly leader


Democrats in the Wisconsin Assembly are looking to a younger woman as their next leader.

Democratic lawmakers on Monday unanimously elected Rep. Greta Neubauer, D-Racine, as their new Minority Leader.

Neubauer is 30-years-old, she replaces 48-year-old Rep. Gordon Hintz, D-Oshkosh, who has served in the legislature for 15 years.

Neubauer told her fellow Democrats on Monday that they face an uphill climb in the Assembly.

“We know the next year will not be easy,” she said in a brief speech before the vote. “But it will be incredibly important. And I will put everything I have into this role.”

Hintz announced his decision to leave Democratic leadership last week.

Neubauer echoed Gov. Evers’ tone and re-election theme when speaking about her plans for the next two years.

Assembly Democrats will continue to show up for the people of our state,” Neubauer said. “I’m seeking this position because, in the face of Republican efforts to divide and conquer, the next year will be critical to building a stronger, more equitable Wisconsin.”

Republicans currently enjoy overwhelming majorities in both the State Assembly and State Senate. That’s unlikely to change, even if Democrats get their preferred legislative map from a federal court.

Lawmakers are waiting to see what the state’s new political map will look like. That map will determine just how many Democratic lawmakers Neubauer will have to manage.

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