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Nevada county adopts resolution affirming support for U.S. Constitution


Elko County, Nevada recently adopted a resolution affirming its support for the U.S. Constitution.

The resolution also officially joins the county with the Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officers Association, a group that believes the Constitution grants sheriffs “the Constitutional authority to check and balance all levels of government within the jurisdiction of the County,” according to its website.

The resolution, which the Elko County Board of Commissioners passed on June 2, requires state agencies and law enforcement officers to “obey and observe” constitutional limitations, citing the 9th and 10th Amendments.

The resolution says citizens “must be free from infringements on the right to keep and bear arms, unreasonable searches and seizures, capricious detainments and every other natural right whether enumerated or not, pursuant to the 9th Amendment.”

The resolution also lays out 10 “abuses” that will no longer be tolerated in Elko County. These include orders restricting the “free exercise of religion,” the confiscation of firearms without probable cause, and domestic utilization of the nation’s military.

“All actions by the federal government and its agents will conform strictly and implicitly with the principles expressed within the United States Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights,” the resolution continued.

The resolution passed unanimously, and is supported by the Elko County Sheriff’s Office and the local District Attorney Tyler Ingram.

During the June 2 meeting of the Elko County Board of Commissioners, Elko County Sheriff Aitor Narvaiza described the resolution as “rewarding” and uplifting.”

“This resolution makes my job so much easier, especially to have the support of the commissioners,” he said. “With a lot of stuff going on in the country, we need to be able to hold people responsible.”

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