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Infrastructure bills should improve Mississippi roads, bridges, water supply


Hundreds of millions of dollars are going to be spent on Mississippi infrastructure over the next year, Gov. Tate Reeves said.

The governor signed several pieces of legislation that will result in road and bridge repairs and improve the state’s drinking water. Reeves also discussed line-item vetoes he says were not the state’s responsibility to fund.

“We’re strengthening our roads, bolstering our bridges, and increasing access to clean drinking water,” Reeves said in the release. “These investments will not only help us pave roads but pave the pathway to economic prosperity. By building better roads and constructing stronger bridges we give Mississippians the tools necessary to run their businesses, provide for their families, and get to work safely.”

The governor signed House Bill 1630, according to the release, which provides a $1.426 billion expenditure to the Department of Transportation, including $45 million for the maintenance program and $35 million for a program that eyes new construction projects. In addition, the state received a $40 million match from the federal government for street projects.

The bill also expends $100 million for the Emergency Road and Bridge Repair Program.

Senate Bill 2822 was also signed, according to the release, which makes a $450 million investment into the Mississippi Municipality and County Water Infrastructure Program Act of 2022.

Under the program, $400 million will be used for one-to-one grants with an additional $50 million being allotted to a grant program for small municipalities.

The governor also signed House Bill 1538 and House Bill 1421, which will invest $300 million into the ARPA Rural Water Associations Infrastructure Grant Program. Funding will help rural water associations construct drinking water infrastructure.

The governor, according to the release, also vetoed $1 million to build a parking lot at the Jackson Convention Center, $1 million to Scenic River Development for a golf course, $2 million for the City of Jackson Planetarium, and $13.25 million for a golf park and trail at LeFleur’s Bluff.

“I vetoed some spending that is simply not state taxpayers’ responsibility: a privately-owned pool, green space around a federal courthouse, city office upgrades, and a parking lot for a convention center that the state gave up long ago in order to end a losing investment,” Reeves said on his Facebook page. “We gave it up for this express reason: to avoid putting you on the hook for these types of expenses. I also vetoed some money that would have gone to private interests that are better served in existing state programs that have accountability and oversight – not earmarks.

“Want to make sure you know why we make these decisions! It always makes people, even my friends, angry when we can’t spend on everything they want. But it’s important to be responsible with the money because it doesn’t belong to politicians – it is yours.”

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